Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping manufacture can provide you with a number of alternatives. These prototypes are great for:

  • Advanced level testing
  • Assembly test
  • Functional testing

Using this rapid prototyping service allows our experienced metal stampings tool makers to look over your product and help with design for manufacture.

Rapid prototyping tooling

Sometimes rapid prototyping cannot satisfy your need for “real” parts. This is when you need rapid prototyping tooling! Our rapid tooling is mainly constructed from modular inserts. If the parts are relatively simple we will use our “speed-base system”. If the parts are more challenging, we will manufacture a complete tooling design.

Tooling design

Our tool designers specify how each tool will be manufactured, ensuring correct steel selection. Our designers use 3D CAD software to review your designs, assessing their suitability for manufacture. Every tool design goes through a multidisciplinary team for sign off ensuring all our expertise is used to vet it before it is manufactured and sampled. Our robust systems provide transparent reporting from the point at which an order is placed and cover the design review process, tool specification, general approvals stage, sampling and modification stages, continuing to full part approval.

The experience of our toolmakers adds value to our design consultancy and tooling development functions – as tooling staff work closely alongside our Design team to contribute their views from a tool-making perspective.