VE-CA has an established and maintained Quality Management System that is driven by our continuous improvement initiative.
Our commitment to best practices for improving quality of our products, processes and business partnership are what has made our business operations a success.


VE-CA has proven systems for Validating and Sustaining our products and processes: these are the key to maintaining the Quality our IMG_0239 (2)customers demand.
We have manufacturing visibility and material traceability throughout the organization.
We train our in line employees in the technical aspects of inspection, this is because we think the Quality has to start from them. The quality department provides to every single employee, calibrated jigs and go – no go gauges in order to inspect properly the piece that are making at that moment. If they realize that something is going wrong, they report the problem detected to the QAM.
The quality dept. inspects the pieces in production with a frequency determined by the production criticality of the same using vision measuring systems, profile projectors, microscopes, hardness testing machines, micrometers, height gages and calipers.
Maintaining and Monitoring is achieved through our comprehensive operation sheets, production and quality work instructions, tools-dies and machine maintenance and surveillance auditing.
All these processes enable us to produce quality products.


Development of suppliers is a critical aspect of achieving a consistent product. The foundation of any quality product starts with the quality material going into it.
Through the use of our QA audited and maintained Approved Suppliers List we provide a reliable Supply Chain that not only gets the best price available but also holds the material or services purchased to high standards such as ROHS and REACH compliant.